Leaving the ‘news life’ behind


I fell in love with journalism my junior year of high school, but growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I even like the physical act of writing – taking notes was the best part of school! But after 10 years in news and seven in TV news, I made the decision to step away from that life and go back to writing.

I mean, honestly, one can only take so many tornadoes, school closings, shootings, local serial killers and local crises that become national ones before burnout begins to set in.

In my high school and college journalism career, newspapers were in. I loved everything about it – the writing, editing, layout – but things have changed drastically in the last 10 years. Everything is on the internet now and newspapers are used more for training puppies and putting under paint cans.

So, when I had to choose an internship, I picked TV and asked to work in the web department. One thing lead to another and pretty quickly, I was running the show.

I was now the person in charge of all things digital – 24/7. Text alerts, apps, social media, posting nearly every story to the website, breaking news, weather warnings, live streaming, school closings, sales, promotions, digital strategies – you name it.

That’s when I found yoga. It became the only thing that kept me focused on the moment and grounded. Mindfulness, if you will. It saved me from a few meltdowns and prevented me from leaving my job a lot sooner.

But writing? That never gets old. I love – strike that- live for, the written word. And if I can make people smile or teach them something new with my words, my job is done.

I honestly could write all day, every day. As long as there is time for yoga.


Bienvenue. Aloha. Welcome!


Welcome to my site and thanks for visiting!

On my “About Me” page, I promised more detail about, well, me. So, here it is. (In third person because it’s fancy).

Kaitlin Gates is a freelance writer and pop culture lover. She enjoys writing about anything and everything and reading anything and everything other people write.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Journalism in 2011 and was soon working at her local TV station as the Digital Operations Manager. (More on what the heck that means here). After seven years of tornadoes, shootings and other stress-inducing stories, she decided to get back to what she really wanted to do – write about things that help other people or at least make them smile.

When not writing or reading, you can find her testing out new vegetarian recipes, pretending she lives in the 1960s (Beatles = everything) and attempting yoga poses she probably shouldn’t be doing.

What can you find in this blog? It’ll probably be pretty random, honestly, but you’ll for sure find links to stories about a variety of topics, yoga poses and random ramblings.

If you have a story pitch or a writing opportunity you’d like to share, please feel free to email me! You can view my work by clicking the links below.


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